the Las Vegas strip; gambling, slot machines, blackjack, good food, & great shows! Disney for Adults? Casinos keep popping out of the desert. Las Vegas growth appears endless. More slot machines, roulette, blackjack and craps tables appear almost daily. The Las Vegas with free breakfasts, cheap shows and $2.00 buffet dinners gave way to $500 a round golf, $100 (and more) show tickets, and loads of top notch gourmet restaurants.


Vegas  started not so long ago as a water stop for the railroad. Las Vegas is Spanish for "The meadows", and the availability of water in the desert was probably the only reason Las Vegas got it's start. Once gambling became legal, the growth took off. You really have to live there to appreciate the impact. I used to joke that they just poured water on a lot and a new 7-11 or strip mall popped up in a matter of days. Stay out of a neighborhood a few months and you're lost when you go back! But it's only in the last 10-20 years people stopped thinking that all the residents lived in trailers behind the casinos.


I lived in Las Vegas for 17 years and for 5 years, worked as a "Craps" dealer for the Las Vegas Hilton and the Flamingo Hilton. I go back on occasion and continue to photograph Vegas (and other places on 3 continents!) I hope I can share some of the excitement, fun things to do (some of them far from the casinos) and a give you a look at this desert phenomenon that isn't in the guide books.



Great way to learn to play Craps! Let these young ladies 
show you how.

Complete series of videos with the Divas will appear here over the coming weeks


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The Venetian Hotel, formerly the Sands.

Treasure Island



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